Cam MacInnes  
Principal collaborator / arranger / guitarist (electric, acoustic, baritone and resonators). Has worked with Bill since 2001.
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  Cam moved from Edmonton to Toronto in 1980 and has appeared in venues all across Canada as well as London, Cardiff, Nashville and New York City. He has performed with such bands as: Sun, Franklin Stove, Hot Cottage, Destiny, Drastic Measures, RaRu, Perfect World, Lee Whalen, Mary Jo Eustace, Gayle Ackroyd, Melanie Doane, Melody Ranch, Besharah, Ana, Cadre and Bill Colgate and the Urbane Guerillas. Cam has been both a composer and performer for feature film, television and radio. He also has extensive experience as a recording engineer and editor. In addition to producing Gayle Ackroyd’s latest CD he has also co-produced Bill Colgate's CD “waiting for simon” and Mary Jo Eustace’s debut CD “Bone And Marrow”
Jeff Dunk    
Electric bass, acoustic guitar and back up vocals. Has played with Bill since Oct 2009.
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  Jeff has been performing professionally since the tender age of 19, when he began playing guitar in and around his home town of Campbellford Ontario. Relocating to nearby Peterborough, Jeff became a familiar presence on the local college pub and roadhouse circuit, working steadily with various rockabilly and rock ‘n roll acts and eventually fronting his own band Dunk and the Donuts. In 1987 he moved to Toronto and joined Mary de Keyzer’s Melody Ranch, appearing with multi-instrumentalist Chris Whiteley. The following year he became a member of the Tex-Styles, a rockabilly/western swing band which opened for acts like Ian Tyson and the Razorbacks, appeared on CityTV’s Toronto Rocks, and garnered regular airplay on local college radio. His R&B chops were featured in Buck and The Shut-ins (fronted by former ‘Styles drummer Sean Welsh). Switching gears (and instruments), Jeff became bass player with Bill Colgate and the Urbane Guerillas in fall 2009.
Craig Riley    
Percussionist/Vocalist: Congas, Cajon, b/u vocals. Has played with Bill since Spring 2012.
  Craig is one of the best kept secrets in the Cdn. music scene. "A sultry/soulful singer and tasty percussionist" With 25+ years experience, recording and extensive touring throughout Canada and the US, including Kingswood music theatre, with bands such as Tribe, James Miller and countless others. With influences such as: Mike Matison and Lizz Wright, Cadre are thrilled to have tapped into this best kept secret, and what Craig brings to project.
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Joey Gaitanis    
Guitarist (acoustic, electric) electric banjo, and back up vocals. Has worked with Bill since 2007.
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  Joey was born and raised in Toronto and has been playing professionally for 25+ years. In addition to guitar, Joe also plays banjo and mandolin and is a strong backup vocalist. Joe has been playing with Bill for over a year now and with Cam MacInnes for more years than either friend would care to enumerate. However, as a result, he and MacInnes have forged a potent and complementary string duo that is even greater than the sum of its considerable parts. Joe has also played with Andie Duncan and Ana Mulrooney and was a member of the Juno nominated children's music group the Bee's Knees.